strip eyelashes for eyelash loss
strip eyelashes for eyelash loss

natural N.0 5

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There are very few things that will change your look as dramatically as eyelashes. Many brands rely on your natural lashes to support to falsies so it can be tricky and embarrassing for those of us not so blessed! Strip eyelashes for eyelash loss have all been created specifically for ladies who are lash free. The secret is…...the lash band. These bands (the part you apply glue to) are natural and lightweight whilst durable enough to be easily manipulated and worn on several occasions.  

There is a style to suit every look so have fun and find yours without having to fret about anything. The Natural collection are fine subtle lashes that frame the eye. Natural N.0 30 is a wispy, lower volume lash, graduating to some longer lengths for a feathery look.

Made of synthetic fibre with a light and comfortable touch. These lashes are super easy to put on and reusable with glue (separately purchased).